Used Engines

Used Engines

If your are in the market to buy a dependable used engine for your car, truck, or van then Priced Just Rite is where to go.  We are conveniently located in Fort Myers and have been supplying car owners, like yourself, with used engines in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all surrounding areas for many years.  

  • All makes and models available
  • Foreign and Domestic
  • Gas motors
  • Diesel motors
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Dealing with a vehicle that has suffered a major failure with either the engine or the transmission is a huge expense that no one likes to face. Luckily we are here to help!  Priced Just Rite specializes in used motors for all types of cars, trucks and vans.  Many people who own older vehicles that become faced with the decision of either investing money into their current car, truck or van versus purchasing a new one will usually opt for the simplest solution and purchase another used vehicle.  Although this may appear to be the easiest route to take this can also result in new unforeseen expenses repairing the “new” used vehicle not to mention the added car payments which would need to paid monthly.

We provide a warranty with all used engines we sell!


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 Priced Just Rite offers you another solution. Investing in a quality used motor to replace your blown engine may offer a far more cost effective solution to your problem.  With professional installation, this purchase could greatly extend the life and use of your current vehicle at a more affordable price.  Priced Just Rite carries quality, dependable used motors and our expert staff can help guide you in making the best decision possible when it come to the safety of driving your car, truck or van.  Don’t just buy a used motor from anyone.  The staff at Priced Just Rite offers superior industry and work experience.  Call Priced Just Rite for the best quality used engines in all of Southwest Florida.

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