Low Profile Tires

Low Profile Tires

When you are looking for a set a low profile tires for your vehicle, call Priced Just Rite. Getting that custom look for your car or truck doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Priced just Rite offers a variety of low profile tires at prices that won’t run you over.low-profile-tires

What are Low Profile Tires?
Low profile tires are tires which have a short sidewall and a wide tread which make the tires great for handling and performance.
Priced Just Rite carries all of the best brands in a variety of sizes to give your car the lift you are looking for.

Low Profile Tire Sizes

  • 20 inch
  • 22 inch
  • 24 inch
  • 26 inch
  • 28 inch
  • 30 inch

Benefits of Low Profile Tires
Our low profile tires are great performance tires which will enhance your driving experience. Some of the benefits that low profile tires can offer include:

  • Larger rims and wider tires which is beneficial to cornering on dry roads
  • Enhanced grip and traction which gives you better control
  • Rigid low sidewalls which helps when cornering at high speeds
  • Better braking ability
  • Great look which enhances the look of your vehicle

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